Design Services
Sensor customization
For some special industries, the standard instrument is not suitable for level measurement. We can modify the product from design to production to suit particular needs. Our highly qualified and experienced team has convinced numerous small, medium and large scale businesses which now benefit from our knowledge and innovative power.
Protocol compatibility
In the worldwide instrument market, the most popular communication protocol is HART, Modbus, RS485. However, it doesn't mean the instruments from different manufacturers can replace each other directly which make it hard to change supplier when users need spare instruments. Our team has rich experience in solving this software problem and make the different protocol compatible. It helps clients to enlarge their target market.
Matching accessories
Some matching accessories are often needed to support the instrument to achieve better performance. Our team will provide related design service for these matching accessories.
Special onsite condition
The standard instrument doesn't match the on-site measuring requirement all the time due to the limitation of the on-site conditions, such as flying dust, high temperature, mounting nozzle size, vapor, agitator. We can provide suitable solutions to match the on-site requirement.
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