Level Switch
CRF312 Ultra High Temperature RF Admittance Level Switch
The electrode rod of RF admittance level switch consists of measuring electrode, shielding electrode and grounding electrode. These three kinds of electrodes are isolated by insulating material. When the media touches the measuring electrode the admittance between the measuring electrode and the grounding electrode will increase and the media level changes can be judged by the change of admittance.
  • Suitable for all industries
  • Detect high/low level of both liquid and solid under high temperature
  • High / Low fail safe modes.
  • Simulation alarm function.
  • DPDT, output 5A/250VAC.
  • Adjustable delay output 0-30S.
  • Unaffected by buildup.
  • Available in Integral & remote models.
  • Easy installation.
  • Process temperature: -40℃…550℃
  • Ambient temperature: -40℃…70℃
  • Housing/Protection: Aluminium alloy/IP65
  • Material of electrode rod: SUS304/316
  • Insulating material: Ceramics
  • Process connection: G1" or 1"NPT
  • Sensitivity: 0.3PF
  • Power supply: 24VDC or 220VAC
  • Power: Max.2W
  • Fail safe modes: High/Low
  • Cable entry: 1/2"NPT×2 holesZ
  • Output: 5A/250VAC, DPDT or NPN/PNP
  • Delay: 0…30S, adjustable
  • Process pressure: Vacuum…20bar
  • Simulation alarm function: Optional
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