Level Transmitter
Non-Contact radar(80GHz FMCW)

CONNETECH release latest 80GHz radar level transmitter CPR6400 and CPR6900.

It can deliver extremely reliable and accurate measured value. Thanks to the high focus beam it’s unaffected by buildup, condensation and dust. With innovative IsoLens technology (Isolated emitting and receiving signal) it enable sensors to acquire full range measurement without dead zone. Furthermore, the small antenna size allows the usage in tight space.
Non-Contact radar(26GHz/6GHz)

The CPR6X00 series (26G) series are used for non-contact level measurement of liquids and bulk solids. They measure all kinds of liquids, even under high pressure and extreme temperatures, in simple as well as aggressive liquids. The sensors can also measure from the lightest to the heaviest bulk solids with absolute reliability, even in the presence of dust and noise, without being affected by buildup or condensation.

Contact radar
The contact radar is applicable for most liquid and solid level measurement. The propagation of guided wave is virtually unaffected by the ambient temperature and pressure. Hence these radar sensors are ideal for use under extremely difficult process conditions. Pressures from vacuum up to 40Mpa and temperatures from-40 … +400 °C (-40 … +752 °F) are no problem for radar.
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