Tank Side Monitor
  • Display measuring result from measuring instrument.
  • Adjust instrument via tank side monitor.
  • Monitor storage tank gauge.
  • Used with CPR and CGR series radar or CMT temperature sensor.
  • Combine with other HART compatible devices to communicate tank sensor data to a control host.
  • Applicable for various device with HART、RS485 MODBUS、Rosemount TRL2、E+H RS485、Honeywell Enraf BPM protocol.
  • Applicable for radar echo monitor and parameter adjustment.
  • Applicable for average temperature and multipoint temperature indicating.
  • Connectable to level gauge and temperature sensor from most of known brand manufacturers, like VEGA, E+H, Rosemount, Honeywell Enraf.
  • With two housing: intrinsically safe type and Exd explosion proof.
  • Graphics dot matrix LCD display.
  • Various selectable alarms and outputs.
  • With surge protective device.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Power supply: 24VDC or 220VAC.
  • Output: two-channel switching value input and output
               Two-channel 4~20mA current output
  • Display: 5 digit
  • Graphics resolution: 128*64
  • Display resolution:0.1mm 0.1°C
  • Refresh time for value display: 2S
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