Advantages of radar from Connetech


One principal chip is used for echo signal processing. The auxiliary MCU deal communication, parameter setup and echo display. Dual chip design enhances processing ability, and measuring reliability. It can also reduce software malfunction.


Isolated emitting and receiving signal enable full range measurement without dead zone. Unaffected by buildup near sensor.


Real time self-monitoring on voltage, current and chip. Output warning when abnormality present.


Wave management concept. To help understand abnormal output, Connetech's radar storage echo automatically.
This function has obvious advantage when there is abnormal output. It can help us in trouble shooting.


All of the echo signals are marked and tracked, not only the real level signal.
Using this analysis, the level signal is also acquired if it is partly covered by baffles like heating coils or agitators in the tank. This guarantees safe and precise measurements at any time.

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